5 reasons to visit the Fuegian lakes

Be sure to visit the Fuegian lakes on your trip to Ushuaia.


If you are close to your trip to Ushuaia, we recommend you to consider a visit to the beautiful Fuegian lakes. To reach this place, a true treasure of nature, we suggest you take a guided tour to learn about 5 reasons to visit the Fuegian lakes. This way you can discover every corner of the tour with information about the fauna, flora and natural scenery that can be seen on the excursion and receive historical information about the place.

The Fuegian lakes are relatively close to the center of Ushuaia, so that by car or with a hired excursion, you will reach your destination very quickly. After crossing route 3 to the north, you will find the Garibaldi Pass, the narrowest point to cross the Andes Mountains, from this point you can take beautiful panoramic photos of the lakes or just stop for a second and be dazzled by the scenery.

The journey to reach this point will amaze you as there is a lot to see, mountains, forests and peat bogs, offering a different natural scenery at every step.

Upon arrival, the trip is rewarded: the hidden lake appears between the surrounding mountains and behind it Lake Fagnano (or Khami), another natural treasure for its beauty and immensity. We recommend a trip to Estancia La Carmen, a ranch house that welcomes tourists of all nationalities every year for hiking, horseback riding and ATVs, walking along the docks on the lake and enjoying a drink in a unique landscape. We are going to tell you, without further ado, the five reasons why you cannot miss visiting the Fuegian lakes during your trip to the end of the world.

tanakar fuegian lakes

1-One of the most impressive panoramic views of Ushuaia.


What you will see before your eyes will simply take your breath away and is one of the 5 reasons to visit the Fuegian lakes. Sometimes you don’t need to do any activity to entertain yourself, but just enjoy the eternal summer sun and rest a few minutes with this scenery will be enough. If you have time, don’t miss the sunset in this incredible place.

The lakes are really impressive, Lake Fagnano has 104 km that runs from east to west well called Lake Khami which translates into “big water” by the first settlers of Ushuaia. It is impossible not to marvel at these unique postcards that can be seen from 430 meters above sea level at the Paso Garibaldi viewpoint.

Another panoramic viewpoint is the Carbajal Valley Viewpoint on the way to the Fuegian lakes, organized tours pass through this point and there are stops so that you can appreciate a valley of glacial origin with snow-capped mountains and stop to contemplate a typical southern landscape.

The excursion to the Fuegian lakes stands out for offering from any point of the tour a place full of nature to discover from a simple aspect such as enjoying the view. It is a particularity of this road to the lakes, where at every step there is a natural surprise.

lake fagnano

lake from the viewpoint


2-To know the autochthonous fauna


Estancia La Carmen is located in Tolhuin, a town near Ushuaia. A ranch house full of history where a family over the years developed a beautiful place to rest, where you can eat something delicious and enjoy recreational activities. Among the walks that can be done before entering the ranch are the well-known beaver farms. Here you can see how this species interacts with the natural environment, modifying its habitat to achieve its survival. Beavers instinctively build dams that later become beaver lodges, modifying the ecosystem; they are true engineers of nature. There are also a variety of native birds such as petrels and geese that can be seen while admiring the beauty of the lakes.

The estancia also offers horseback riding, a very attractive activity also if you are traveling with children. The horses are prepared and accustomed to the rides offered by the estancia so that you can enjoy the ride and the views of the Fuegian lakes in contact with nature.

horseback riding

3-Activities at Estancia La Carmen


The estancia offers a spectacular break in the visit to the Fuegian lakes. It is a place full of nature, panoramic views, lake docks, trails and many activities to do. Most of the excursions make a stop in this beautiful place that completes the tour. Hiking is one of the activities par excellence at the end of the world, you can visit the Garden of Love with colorful flower trails and the word “love” to take a funny picture. You can also visit the family historical museum that shows the evolution of the estancia since the 20th century. Horseback rides, ATV rides and bicycle rides are very entertaining. There are also courts for sports such as soccer and volleyball. A place where you can relax and watch the lakes from the tranquility of the dock or take a fun-filled 4×4 ride. The estancia has it all.

word love in the garden of desires

4-Hiking and nature


Another of the 5 reasons to visit the Fuegian lakes is that it allows you to do different trails at your own pace. It is an excellent exercise that will also allow you to get to know new places, making the walk more enjoyable. In Estancia La Carmen, you will be able to see simple trails for those who want to walk in a relaxed way and also interpretive trails so you can acquire information at different stops about the ethnic groups that inhabited Tierra del Fuego and their descendants. Also information about nature where through the forest you can learn about different species that live in the forest. Hiking is a beautiful way to get to know the environment around us.

journey through the forest

5-Knowing the history of Estancia La Carmen


It is very interesting, in addition to enjoying nature, to learn about the history of such an emblematic place in the Fuegian lakes tour as Estancia La Carmen evolved over the years. Don Milín in the 30’s, knowing the area of Fagnano Lake, trusted in the place and tried to develop the area for forestry, livestock and tourism. He asked for permission and it was granted under certain conditions. Eventually he dedicated himself to raising cows until he opened his own butcher shop. But, they always wanted to develop the estancia for tourism purposes and they succeeded. The estancia is an almost obligatory stop combined with a visit to the Fuegian lakes, due to its amenities, activities and location. A place that receives tourists with great hospitality, making their trip an unforgettable memory of Estancia La Carmen.

footbridge over the lake estancia la carmen

There are many reasons to get to know the Fuegian lakes, their particularities, the nature that embraces them and the history of Estancia La Carmen. Here we mention some of them so that on your trip to the end of the world you can venture to know this beautiful place unique in the world. Contact us for more information!

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