Estancia La Carmen: Discover a mythical estancia in Tierra del Fuego

Visit Estancia La Carmen and enjoy nature in a traditional place in Tierra del Fuego.


If you are thinking of visiting the Fuegian lakes during your stay at the end of the world, visiting the La Carmen ranch house is a highly recommended stop.

Regular excursions from Ushuaia to Lago Fagnano and Lago Escondido usually include a break at the estancia to enjoy the outdoors, take some pictures with the beautiful scenery offered by the docks and walkways or visit the nature trails. The trip to the estancia can be done on your own in a rented or private vehicle or you can take an organized excursion to enjoy horseback riding or ATVs. You can’t miss this place full of forest, panoramic views and wildlife that will renew your energy.

In this article we will tell you a little more about Estancia La Carmen, its history, the activities that can be done on the property and everything that this beautiful place located on the southern shore of Lake Fagnano or Khami has to offer to tourists.

footbridge over lake estancia la carmen

View from estancia la carmen tanakar

How to get there from Ushuaia?


To get to the estancia we leave Ushuaia taking the well known Route 3 heading north for 60 km. The tour, as we mentioned, can be done in your own vehicle, with an organized excursion or in a 4X4 in a very fun adventure full of adrenaline where natural obstacles are overcome.

Continuing the trip and before arriving at the estancia’s gate you will see the “castoreras”, a place that is part of different excursions at the end of the world. In the beaver farms you can see how this animal has interacted with and modified the natural environment, like a true architect of nature. Beaver watching is a different experience that allows us to learn about the impact of the species in nature, as they modify their habitat by building burrows with branches, mud and tree leaves to protect themselves from predators, among other things. For more than 70 years, they have been modifying the environment and the ecosystem in order to develop and protect themselves in the southernmost city in the world.

If the idea of your trip is to get to know nature at its best, this excursion is for you, since traveling to the estancia you will see forests, local wildlife, mountains and lakes that will take your breath away. The tour will offer different views to take the best vacation pictures with incredible images all around you.

To finish the tour, in the last kilometers until arriving at the ranch, you will cross a huge lenga forest where you can breathe the best southern fresh air, in this place it is possible to find different species of fauna that coexist in this natural habitat of Tierra del Fuego.

tanakar beaver

Best things to do at Estancia La Carmen


Fagnano Lake

After crossing the lenga forest along the way, you will be able to see the incredible Fagnano Lake, one of the most beautiful attractions offered by the visit to the estancia.

Lake Fagnano is one of the best known and most visited lakes in Ushuaia that can be seen from the walkways that are located in the estancia or from the docks that offer strategic places to take the most beautiful pictures of the place.

Lake Fagnano is an immense lake with an extension of 104 kilometers and its waters are divided between Argentina and Chile. Also called in the Selknam language Lago Khami which means “big waters” because it is actually one of the largest lakes in Argentina.

The Fuegian lakes can be appreciated with a beautiful panoramic view also from the Garibaldi Pass, a tourist point from where to contemplate the lakes in all their extension. Estancia La Carmen is located on the southern shore of Lake Fagnano and from there you can clearly see the Andes Mountain Range enjoying a breathtaking scenery for any traveler who approaches the place. Touring different views of the lake and enjoying the fresh air is an almost mandatory tour at Estancia La Carmen.

fuegian lakes ushuaia

fuegian lakes

Garden of Love

At the estancia it is also fun to visit the Garden of Love. Crossing the bridge of desires you can see a garden full of beautiful flowers and do not miss the opportunity to take some colorful and natural photos. It is said that if you cross it in one breath without changing the air, all your wishes will be granted. You will also find a sign with the word “love” with a huge red heart that invites you to take a nice romantic picture. Another option is at the cupid station, where you can sit and contemplate the lake and take pictures with cupid, an emblematic character related to love.

word love in the garden of desires

Hikes within the estancia

Hiking is a must at Estancia La Carmen and at the end of the world. To take a nice walk and learn some concepts at the same time, there are the Paths of Consciousness. After going through the garden of love you can make a beautiful tour through the forest and at different stops there is information on the rights of children and women, ethnic groups of Tierra del Fuego and their descendants.

You will also be able to enjoy the recreational trails that will take you through the forest, part of the lake and the beaver fields. Most of them are of short duration between 40 and 80 minutes, so they are suitable for everyone. With a medium-low difficulty, most of the time you will walk on flat trails and on some occasions you will ascend a gentle hill.

journey through the forest

Historical and Family Museum

At the ranch you can also do a different activity and visit the family historical museum with data and photos of the ranch and who were its protagonists through time. The history of Estancia La Carmen dates back to the beginning of the 20th century when Emilio Fernandez arrived in Ushuaia to live with his family. He spent his life getting to know the Fagnano Lake area in depth due to his family’s activities and in the 40’s he requested permission to use the land, settling there and developing an economic activity. This is how he created Puesto La Carmen with a lot of effort and perseverance. Later, his son continued his father’s work and founded the estancia. A history of tradition and commitment that today makes the place one of the most visited tourist spots in Ushuaia.

Recreational activities

Don’t miss out on the recreational activities as well. The ranch has circuits for horseback riding, ATVs and bike paths. Inside the ranch you can continue the journey in 4X4 where adrenaline and fun reigns over natural obstacles. You will also find a recreational playground with soccer, volleyball and basketball courts. These are just some of the options to enjoy the day to the fullest outdoors, connect with nature and with the people who accompany you on the trip. If the trip is made with children, the stay will be ideal for them to have a variety of activities to do and enjoy sports and nature. In this place there is always a place for fun with friends or family.

quadricycles at the Ushuaia ranch

horseback riding

Be sure to enjoy this beautiful place that offers incredible views of Fuegian landscapes, allows activities for all ages and learn how the ranch was born and evolved, which today is a natural space full of corners to know and enjoy. Contact us to discover the best of Estancia La Carmen in Ushuaia!

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