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A bit of history

At the end of the 1930s, Emilio Fernández García Matos, being a great connoisseur of the southern shore of the

Fagnano Lake

began to consider it as an area with possibilities for cattle, forestry and even tourism development.

This virgin place was of no interest to anyone because of its precarious accessibility, with no roads or routes to communicate it with


or Rio Grande. The austere climate, strong winds and harsh winters, only populated by a large forest mass and peatlands, all surrounded by an incredible beauty.

Thus, Don Milin decided to request a grazing permit from the maritime government, which was granted in exchange for 3 requirements:
1- That the Argentine flag flies 24 hours a day.
2- Living on site
3- Develop a local economy project

The first occupation was in the Bahia Peninsula area, almost on the border with Chile, to raise sheep. Don Milin gradually advanced to the east of Lake Fagnano.

Lake Fagnano

in search of better fields and built his first post of planks made with axe and saw in La Carmen. He then advanced some 15 kilometers further and built the Milna River post on the banks of the river of the same name.

He continued on for 7 more kilometers until he reached the Kosobo lagoon, where he founded the Los Alamos ranch. There he builds the family house, corrals, paddocks, sheds, etc.

The geography of the place was not suitable for sheep breeding, added to the ticks and wild dogs that attacked the flocks, which led to the failure of this activity. Then, Don Milin decided to pioneer cow breeding in the area and worked hard for decades to create a breed that would adapt to the area and have good meat quality.

In the early 50’s he meets Mama, La Negra, with whom he falls in love under very special circumstances, almost at first sight.

La Negra’s family was dedicated to cutting firewood for sale, with rudimentary elements, the axe and the wood chopper. They lived in the place known as 17, on route 3 on the way to Ushuaia, where Milin used to pass by with the sheep herds. When he learned that someone from that family was hiding underneath the
a manhole to steal lambs, very angry, he went to see them.

There he met La Negra, Milin was captivated and from that day on they were never separated again. They formed a big family. They had 9 children, 6 boys and 3 girls.

They were able to produce 300 mother cows, 25 tame horses, 20 breeding horses and sheep for family consumption. They made pastures, and managed to close the economic circuit by opening their own butcher’s shop in Ushuaia.

Don Milin’s dream

It was in the 80’s when Adrian Dario Fernandez (Don Milin’s son) decided to visit the estancia La Carmen with Marcela and her children.

His father’s words always resonated:
“… I developed cow farming because I had no other option, but I always knew that the future of this area is tourism. This
place you have to show it to the world…”

The work was arduous and complex. There weren’t even roads, but the objective was already set…