Fuegian Lakes: Everything you need to know

Don’t miss the beauty of the Fuegian lakes


One of the great attractions of Ushuaia are its beautiful Fuegian lakes, among them are the Escondido Lake and the immense Fagnano Lake, places very sought after by travelers who want to enjoy and connect with the nature of Ushuaia. The postcards change according to the season of the year, the Fuegian lakes are framed between snowy mountains in winter, sometimes we can even see them frozen, while in the warmer months you can enjoy their shores with a more pleasant climate. The lakes in southern Ushuaia also have waters of beautiful colors conditioned by their origin and formation, some in more greenish or turquoise tones and other water mirrors have more crystalline waters. What we can assure is that in no case do they cease to cause fascination since the landscapes become more attractive in the presence of the typical Argentinean Patagonian lakes. To get to know them you can make different and combined excursions, where through hiking you can see nature at its best. Visiting the lakes is an unmissable excursion suitable for couples, families or friends. The hikes can be simpler or more complex depending on the choice made, but it is always important to be accompanied by specialized guides who know the place. In this article we tell you which of them you can not miss during your visit to the southernmost city of our country.

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A visit to Ushuaia’s most beautiful lakes is a must.


  • Lago Escondido, a mirror of water among clouds

Lago Escondido is located 60 km north of Ushuaia along Route 3. The road has several curves and on the side of the road you can see the peat bogs that accompany the route. Through the Garibaldi Pass The Andes Mountain Range is crossed and from the viewpoint there is an unbeatable view of the beautiful water mirror. Lago Escondido is of glacial origin and is located in a deep valley of forests and mountains. To get to the lake you must go through the most famous winter centers such as Valle de Tierra Mayor, Cerro Castor and Las Cotorras, where in winter there are many activities and are internationally recognized. To get to Lago Escondido, it is necessary to hire a well-organized excursion that is done in conjunction with Lago Fagnano. If you want to add some adventure, you can go on a trip with views of Lake Escondido and Fagnano in a 4×4 vehicle, otherwise, you can arrive by minibus. In this beautiful mirror of water you can go boating, sport fishing, horseback riding or hiking along the shores of the lake. Excursions to the lakes allow you to enjoy different adventures, get into the southern natural environment and enjoy the rich gastronomy.

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  • Lake Fagnano also called Khami

Lake Fagnano is also called Lake Cami or Khami, named after the first settlers of Tierra del Fuego who gave it this name meaning “big water”. It is located 100 km from Ushuaia and near the lake is the town of Tolhuin. Lake Fagnano is 104 km long and runs from east to west and in some places it can be quite deep. The western part of the lake is within the Tierra del Fuego National Park and its waters are divided between Argentina and Chile.

It has a geological peculiarity, in the center of Lake Fagnano and along it is the Magellanic Fault, where the South American and Scotia plates meet. It is surrounded by beautiful forests and mountains that give a dreamlike effect to the place. The excursion to Lake Fagnano and Escondido can be combined with other tours. For example, it is great fun to take a trip around the lakes in a 4×4 vehicle to test our adrenaline level, avoiding pools, puddles and places with natural obstacles that would not be experienced in the same way in a private car. It is a fantastic option to get to know the lakes from an adventurous perspective to get into a real natural journey. You can also take a walk visiting the Escondido Lake and then go to Estancia La Carmen to enjoy a snack on the shores of the gigantic Fagnano Lake and see the beaver farm.

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We recommend a visit to the beautiful lakes of Ushuaia, real must-see places that allow you to relax on their shores, exercise by trekking or admiring the different panoramic views at the viewpoints. Take your camera and contact us to know the natural beauties of the End of the World!

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