How to get around Ushuaia in 3 days?

How to get around Ushuaia in 3 days?


There are times when vacations are not only longed for, but also short and we need to make the most of the time by choosing the right walks and optimizing the time. To visit Ushuaia in 3 days, and in these circumstances, we propose excursions that can be planned for a few days at the end of the world, visiting the most emblematic and beautiful places.

1- Fuegian Lakes, our first choice first choice


The Fuegian lakes are a must-see in Patagonia. Taking a tour it is possible to get to the Garibaldi Pass viewpoint from where you can see the Escondido and Fangano lakes worthy of several photographs. Lago Escondido is of glacial origin and its name refers to a lake “hidden” between mountains. From the viewpoint we go a few more kilometers and it is possible to go down to its shore. Sometimes, it is possible to see some beavers, foxes and guanacos, but only a few trout can be seen in the icy waters.

Lake Ushuaia

The excursion is usually very fun to do in 4×4 because you can also get to the shore and enjoy a meal near the water. This option usually takes almost the whole day. You will also be able to dDiscover the beauty of Estancia La Carmen, located on the shores of Lake Khami.

2- National Park, train at the end of the world and Beagle Channel navigation.

In these three variants it becomes a full day excursion.

The national park can be visited in the morning, discovering its forests full of lengas, ñires and peat bogs. Just a few kilometers away from downtown Ushuaia. Inside the park is optional the train at the end of the world, where you travel in a beautiful train between snowy trees to make the last kilometers of the national park.

The train has common or premium tickets, a cafeteria and a guide service that will tell the history of the train and the prison at the end of the world. During the tour you can see the Pipo River and the Macarena waterfall, although it is a spectacle in itself.

Navigation in the Beagle Channel lasts about three hours, it is a boat ride that runs along the beautiful Beagle Channel, passing by the emblematic lighthouse of Les Eclaireurs, Karelos Island where you descend depending on the weather of the day and the island of birds and wolves where you can see the native fauna. This is the tour that wins for being the most chosen by tourists.

Sea Lions in Beagle Channel Navigation

Lighthouse in Beagle Channel Navigation

3- Emerald Lagoon Trekking, natural beauty to tour Ushuaia in 3 days

In winter or summer, only 17 kilometers from the city, the trail leads to the emerald lagoon, as its name indicates, with the most beautiful emerald color that can be seen. Its waters come from the melting of Ojo del Albino, a glacier that takes time and more physical effort to reach. The trail to the lagoon can be very icy in winter so it is advisable to leave early with enough sunlight to get there and back. You must wear crampons and be very careful if you do not know the place. The ideal is to approach with a guided excursion to enjoy the hiking more. In summer its shores invite you to eat something to eat and enjoy the scenery.

hike to Laguna Esmeralda

Of course we also recommend walking around the city and visiting the museums of Ushuaia. Everything that can be done on vacation to take in the environment enriches the trip. These are some options to enjoy 3 spectacular days at the end of the world, if you are planning a trip to Ushuaia contact us to plan the trip and make this dream come true with you!


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