Not to be missed activities in Ushuaia: Winter or summer?

Discover winter and summer activities in Ushuaia: What to do in each season?


In every season of the year with different climates and landscapes, in winter or summer, Ushuaia always has something beautiful to offer to thousands of tourists who visit these beautiful lands of Tierra del Fuego in different months of the year. The southern destination has so many options in terms of excursions, gastronomy and tourist attractions that no matter what time of the year you come, there will always be new places to visit and there will always be a new adventure to undertake. The Fuegian winter is a dream season in Ushuaia. Every corner looks like something out of a fairy tale decorated with the best snow in Argentina. Seeing the city and its mountains tinged with white provides a beautiful backdrop to the southernmost city in the world. Of course there are many things to do, the activities are prepared to make the most of the games and sports offered by the snow. Summer, on the other hand, with its milder climate and longer days that seem to go on forever, provides long, warmer hours of sunlight that allow us to enjoy outdoor activities, lush vegetation all around us and colors that are hidden in winter. Read this article to find out what you can do in each season of the year in Ushuaia.


Snow, the queen of the winter season

Whoever comes to Ushuaia in winter is very likely to arrive in search of snow and sports related to the soft snowflakes that characterize the southernmost city in the world. Due to its geographical location, Ushuaia has long snow seasons that attract large numbers of tourists to enjoy the games and fun that can be had in the mountains. For all ages and tastes in winter there will always be nice options to visit.

  • Winter resorts in Ushuaia

For fun lovers, the winter centers are a very complete proposal to spend a spectacular winter. In Valle Tierra Mayor or Las Cotorras, for example, travelers have the opportunity to enjoy snowmobiling with the adrenaline of driving and at the same time live a new and fun experience. You can hike with snowshoes while enjoying the scenery while making your way through the snow, or slide on a sled among the lenga trees. All the activities are not to be missed and will leave an indelible memory of the Fuegian winter. Of course, the most chosen sport is skiing, which attracts both beginners and professional skiers who choose Ushuaia for the quantity and quality of its snow. During the winter season, Cerro Castor offers a wide and complete service for tourists from all over the world.

In the winter centers, such as Nunatak, there are domes where you can stop to rest, recover your energy and have a cup of hot chocolate or a delicious regional meal. They are beautiful and cozy places in the middle of the magical snowy landscape. Enjoying the activities of the winter centers are adventures that you cannot miss if you travel to Ushuaia in winter.

excursions with children in ushuaia in the snow

Ushuaia winter resorts

  • Fuegian Lakes in Winter

Another must is to do an activity that allows you to visit the Escondido and Fagnano Lakes. To get there you have to cross the Andes Mountains at the Garibaldi Pass, the southernmost crossing of the country and from there enjoy breathtaking views of the Fuegian lakes. In the Escondido Lake you can do activities in boats or practice fishing, it is also possible to reach its shores. The experience of visiting the lakes can be combined with other activities in winter centers such as snowshoeing or sledding depending on the weather conditions in Valle Tierra Mayor or at the base of Cerro Castor where cross-country skiing and mountain sports are practiced.

lakes ushuaia

  • Snow and fire, winter night tour

If there is something new and fun to do, it is to enjoy a night walk in the middle of a valley covered with copious snow. Snow and fire is a unique experience where a trip is made to Valle Tierra Mayor, to walk with torches along a snowy road to the hut to enjoy an exquisite dinner of regional food. A large bonfire is set up where the group shares the night’s journey. The experience is very interesting since most of the excursions are daytime, this way you can have a spectacular night perspective adding adventure and adrenaline to the ride.

valley tierra mayor ushuaia


Enjoy Ushuaia’s scenery in summer


Of course, in summer the variation in temperature will allow you to enjoy the sun and hiking more because the hikes will be more enjoyable with longer and milder days. It is important to protect yourself from the sun because of the number of hours you can spend in the sun. Beautiful colors emerge in nature, which in summer blooms with vivid colors that invite us to interact with what it offers us.

  • Beagle Channel – Penguin Colony Navigation

Navigation through the emblematic Beagle Channel is a classic in Ushuaia. Whoever arrives in these latitudes and embarks will see beautiful islands and incredible native fauna. During navigation, birds such as seagulls, petrels and albatrosses, among other species, can be seen. The famous Les Eclaireurs lighthouse can be admired from the boat and you can take unforgettable photos to capture the moment. Then, approaching Martillo Island, there will be colonies of Magellanic Penguins that come to the island during the summer. Later, they will migrate to warmer waters during the winter, returning again in the summer period.

  • Fuegian lakes, Estancia La Carmen and beavers

A typical summer experience in Ushuaia is to enjoy the Escondido Lake and take a picture from the viewpoint to remember the passage through this magical place. At Estancia La Carmen, you can see beavers and learn about them and their natural habitat, a spectacle of nature hard to forget. In this beautiful place you can also do activities such as horseback riding and ATVs. Then you can have a snack on the shores of Lake Fagnano, where the view will be a beautiful landscape full of nature that you can not miss.

horseback riding Ushuaia

quadricycles at the Ushuaia ranch

  • Emerald Lagoon in summer

The hike to the lagoon in summer offers a completely different landscape than in winter. The coihue and lenga forests decorate the environment with warm colors, you cross streams and enjoy the panoramic views until you reach the turquoise color of the Esmeralda Lagoon. Having a snack on its shores and taking pictures will leave an incredible memory of the hike. Being a long and complex trek, the amount of daylight hours in summer will help you to return a little later and enjoy the beautiful water mirror for a longer time.

Emerald Lagoon

In winter or summer Ushuaia always receives tourists who come to visit its attractive Patagonian landscapes. All the seasons have a particular charm and are very different from each other. The landscape that you may see in winter changes completely in summer, it is advisable to visit this beautiful place in each season if possible as the views will be completely different. Visit the end of the world in both seasons and create new and unforgettable memories!


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