From: $165.000

Enjoy an evening of snow and adventure!

Available only in the winter months.

Duration:5 hs
Departure time: 18:30 hs
Development: Transfer to Nunatak / Huskies sled ride / dinner at a bonfire (1 drink included per person) / snowshoeing or snowmobile ride according to the option chosen / return to Ushuaia.

Difficulty: low

Departure from the hotel towards the Tierra Mayor Valley, the guide tells us the order of activities and we begin the journey, crossing the valley in the middle of the winter night, a path of torches marks the entrance to the forest until we reach the hut, where the cook awaits us with skewers and stew cooked on fire, mulled wine, wine and the specialty of the night, "the Hachero's coffee", dinner is tinged with a "guitarreada". The return is according to the option chosen.




Note: passengers should be informed that the order of the activities and tours may be reversed, depending on snow and weather conditions, and according to the size of the group, at the guide's discretion, without any right of complaint on the part of the passengers.

The bikes are two-seater, 2 passengers per bike, and you can change the riding position in the middle of the tour.

IMPORTANT: In the event that the prohibition to light fires in the wild in accordance with Provincial Law 1.475 continues, the activities will be carried out in the Husky Park dome, with dinner and a "guitarreada" in the same place.

* Discounted rate for minors and senior citizens. Contact us!