Recommended excursions with children in Ushuaia

Excursions with children in Ushuaia not to be missed


Ushuaia is a destination that can be visited with the whole family, since the activities that can be carried out can be enjoyed by both adults and children. In the winter season, snow activities are the great attraction, since the quality of the snow allows for a great number of sports and games. Among the excursions with children in Ushuaia that you cannot miss are the winter centers, for example, which offer lifts such as chairlifts that are very attractive for the little ones. Also when you get to the mountain you can ski with instructors on simple and well organized slopes, there are snowmobiles for you to enjoy with your parents in a unique experience, also sleds and snowshoes to have fun with friends.

The atmosphere is very nice and familiar so that children can feel at ease and have fun while parents can also do activities for them.

In summer, the landscapes change, and the weather allows other options. The days are longer with more hours of natural light. The natural environment changes along with the temperature and you can enjoy other walks to see a different fauna and flora than in winter.

Ushuaia invites families to enjoy its charm, as it is undoubtedly a place to share together, in this article we tell you the best excursions with children in Ushuaia.

Tanakar Ushuaia View


Winter resorts and snow, a great adventure


Ushuaia in winter dyes its landscapes in white, being a great attraction for children, since the activities that can be done are very fun. Arriving at the Tierra Mayor Valley winter center, for example, the adventure begins with tobogganing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling through snowy forests that look like something out of a fairy tale.

Everything that is done in the snow can be learned, there are specialized instructors and guides that help parents and children to have fun in the snow with all the necessary safety measures. There are experiences that children can do on their own and others that they share with adults in a fun-filled joint experience.

The snow also lends itself to some night activities where you can enjoy dinner in a big bonfire and explore the environment when the sun goes down, a new experience with different nuances for the children.

Cerro Castor ski Tanakar

4X4 Adventure and Lakes


Other fun and adventurous excursions in Ushuaia with children are Lakes of Road in 4X4, a section is done on the vans and another section in a short hike, ideal for the little ones.

Then, we visit the Fuegian Lakes, Lago Escondido and Lago Fagnano, which can be visited during the excursion and which offer beautiful panoramic views that can be appreciated at all ages.

When visiting Estancia La Carmen, the youngest members of the family will also be able to enjoy the facilities, the scenery and the games.

tanakar fuegian lakes


National Park and Navigation in the Beagle Channel


Getting on a boat and sailing is a spectacular adventure for children. Navigation in the Beagle Channel is a 3-hour experience, which keeps adventurers alert at all times, as islands, seagulls and petrels, among others, can be seen. Also colonies of sea lions and imperial cormorants.

If the excursion is made in summer, you can see the colonies of Magellanic Penguins on Martillo Island, which is a must-see attraction of the place. You can see them interacting, they approach the boat so that it is impossible not to have fun with the natural spectacle in the beautiful summer season.

In Tierra del Fuego National Park, the best for children is the End of the World Train. But, the park has a lot to offer. There you can enjoy and take pictures in Lapataia Bay and Lake Acigami, see the different species that live in the park such as rabbits, beavers, the field owl or the chimango.

Then boarding the train in the last kilometers of the park is a unique experience. The train tells the story of the Ushuaia prison, where prisoners were transported on the train to perform different jobs. The train is very picturesque and the landscapes that open up behind it are impressive.

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  Excursions in Ushuaia Lighthouse in Ushuaia Beagle Channel Navigation

City Tour


The City Tour is a short excursion of approximately one hour and a half, where you can tour the city in a general overview. As it is a short tour, it is suitable for small children, while parents can get to know the southernmost city in Argentina. You can see the houses of the first settlers and the upper area of the city to take the most incredible pictures from a panoramic view. The tour ends at the Maritime Museum and the Presidio of Ushuaia, very interesting historically and visually.

city tour excursions in Ushuaia

Ushuaia is a city for the whole family to spend an excellent season. In each excursion we will find an option for the kids to enjoy the ride, be it a gastronomic option, an incredible landscape or a lot of fun in the snow. Contact us and we will help you with your family trip!


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