Ushuaia in autumn: recommended excursions

Ushuaia in autumn: recommended excursions

Ushuaia in autumn is a city par excellence for nature lovers who know the area through its attractions, activities, beautiful landscapes and different excursions.

Most visitors choose to come during the summer but we would also like to invite you to experience it during the fall months. Because they will be able to take advantage of the different colors with which the Fuegian forest is dyed. The lengas and ñires are native tree species known as false beeches and when the temperature begins to drop in the months of March, April and May you will be able to see the yellow, mustard, orange and reddish canopies of the trees. This phenomenon lasts a few weeks until their leaves fall to prepare for winter.

Excursion to the Lakes with Estancia La Carmen and beaver farms

For tourists who want to learn about the dams made by beavers, these rodents introduced from Canada in 1946, and the impact they have on our forests, this is the ideal excursion.

This tour starts at 4:00 p.m. in order to arrive before sunset in the area of the beavers and try to find these nocturnal animals that come out of their burrows at dusk.

From Ushuaia we will go to our family estancia, La Carmen. Our grandparents settled in the region in the 1940s when it was an inhospitable area, uninhabited by the white man. They were dedicated to cattle raising and logging. Our father continued the family tradition and also decided to open the estancia so that it could be visited by tourists. The ranch is located on the southern shore of the largest lake in Tierra del Fuego, Lake Fagnano. Here you will have time to tour the facilities, contemplate the lake and walk through the centennial lenga forest.

We will also go to observe one of the dams built by beavers. Autumn sees a flurry of activity by these rodents as they prepare for winter before the reservoir freezes over. You will then be able to observe the large collection of branches and leaves, on which they feed, next to their burrow. In addition to finding the trees recently felled by them. With patience and a lot of luck we may see some beaver.

End of the World Train

Can you imagine riding a train in the middle of an enchanted forest? It is one of the most iconic walks in Ushuaia, but at this time of the year when the trees are painted in different colors, it is truly magical. The train ride lasts one hour and you will travel the last kilometers of the original prisoners’ train. It includes a stop to visit the Macarena Waterfall, where the convicts used to collect water for the steam locomotives. It is an ideal place to enjoy both adults and children.

You can also combine it with an excursion to Tierra del Fuego National Park, the only park in the province and only 12 kilometers from Ushuaia.

Here you can walk along the shore of Lake Acigami (Roca), a binational lake that was formed during the last glaciation and today is fed by glaciers located on the Chilean side.

They will also visit Lapataia Bay, the place where the Panamerican Highway ends. That is why travelers from all over the world come to take the typical photo that marks the beginning or the end of their trip through South America. Then you can walk along a walkway to reach some viewpoints where you can get the best views of the Bay that connects to the Beagle Channel. In this area there are several archaeological sites belonging to the nomadic canoeists who navigated these cold waters.

Beagle Channel Navigation

This excursion departs from the port of Ushuaia, in front of the city center. At this time of the year, only the three-hour excursion takes place, but it is still interesting. In addition to imperial cormorants and South American fur seals, South American fur seals arrive in autumn. These marine mammals arrive on these islands after the summer. They were hunted during the 18th and 19th centuries for the quality of their skins. Since they have two very colorful layers of skin. Fortunately, this species is recovering year by year. Another species that appears in autumn are the Antarctic pigeons that travel from the white continent. The silver petrels also arrive at this time to spend the winter in the waters of the Beagle Channel, they are beautiful gray birds that will approach the boat gliding.

You will also be able to go down to one of the islands of the Channel for a mini interpretative trekking until you reach a panoramic point. From there you will have a panoramic view of the city, the mountains dyed orange by the trees and you may already find the snow-capped peaks.

Finally you will arrive at the legendary Les Éclaireurs Lighthouse, built in 1920 to warn navigators of the existence of the islands, and with its light warns the entrance to Ushuaia Bay.

What are the advantages of traveling to Ushuaia in autumn?

– It is considered the low season, between the high summer and winter seasons. If you avoid crowded tourist destinations, I recommend coming at this time of the year.

– By this time of the year the southwesterly wind will have diminished. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy sailing the Beagle Channel with very calm waters.

– There is a high probability that the peaks of the Andes Mountains are already covered with snow. And who’s to say you might get lucky and enjoy a magical snowfall in the city. If not, you can look for fresh snow by hiking up the mountain, at the Garibaldi Pass or at the Martial Glacier, which is at the top of the city.

If with all this we manage to convince you to come at this time of the year, write to us and we will help you organize your trip to the End of the World.

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