What clothes to take to Ushuaia?

What clothes to take to Ushuaia?

One of the questions we are always asked by those who are coming for the first time is what to bring on vacation at the End of the World. An important thing to know is that Ushuaia is located 3,000 km south of Buenos Aires, on the island of Tierra del Fuego, on the coast of the Beagle Channel and at the foot of the Andes Mountains.

Generally, the city’s weather is very changeable, that’s why locals say that “in Ushuaia there can be four seasons in one day”. Cold winds from Antarctica usually prevail during spring and summer.

The temperature during the warmer months varies between 5°C and 15°C, very rarely it may exceed 20°C but only for a couple of hours. Then in winter it averages 0°C, while in the city it can be -10°C, in the area of the winter centers or the National Park it can go down to -15°C. Clearer skies tend to occur during the fall and winter, which helps lower nighttime temperatures and keep snow from melting.

Visitors from all over the world come to Ushuaia attracted by the extraordinary landscapes of this region and the fauna that inhabits the place. Most of the attractions are located a few kilometers from the city. One of the important factors to make your vacation a success is to bring the right clothing to avoid getting cold and to be able to live with all your senses this experience in the southernmost city in the world.

Here are our recommendations:

As a general rule, residents are accustomed to dressing in layers “like onions” to regulate body temperature since businesses, restaurants and lodgings are usually well heated. If in your trip you only think about touring the city, taking regular vehicle excursions or navigating the Beagle Channel . You can come with urban clothes and add warm clothes such as polar fleece or sweater and waterproof jacket. Also don’t forget hat, gloves and scarf are accessories that we wear all year round.

If you plan to hike any of the trails around Ushuaia you should think about bringing more technical clothing. Remember that the temperature drops the higher you climb the mountain. In addition, it is usually windier at the top and something to keep in mind is that although during the hike you will warm up when you reach your goal, your perspiration may cool down and you may need more warmth.

we advise you to bring a thermal T-shirt, fleece, thin down jacket and a waterproof windbreaker jacket. For the lower part you can use thermal tights and quick-drying pants on top.

Another very important thing to keep in mind is that if you come to hike you must have waterproof footwear with good soles to adhere to rocks, wet soil or shallow roots. Something very important to take into account is that they must be high cane, that is to say, that they must hold the ankle well. Unfortunately, most of the rescues by the Comisión de Auxilio are by hikers who are not wearing proper footwear. These can also be rented in the city. Thermal socks, buff or scarf, hat, gloves and sunglasses are a must.

If you are coming to visit Ushuaia during the winter during the winter As a general rule, it is always better to bring extra warm clothes than to have your vacation ruined by being cold and not being able to enjoy your trip. Both in the city and in the surrounding area you will encounter snow or ice during the months of June through August. For this reason we recommend waterproof winter shoes, which can also be rented in the city. For the outskirts of Ushuaia do not forget to bring a thermal T-shirt, polar fleece, winter jacket that is waterproof and warm, thermal socks, scarf and hat.

In addition to the appropriate clothing, do not forget to bring sunglasses and sunscreen in summer, although temperatures are not high but Tierra del Fuego has a great exposure to solar radiation. Do not forget to charge your cell phones or cameras and bring an extra battery, as they tend to be consumed faster due to the cold weather.

For the hikes you can bring or rent walking sticks that will help you keep your balance on some parts of the trails, as well as not to strain your waist or knees when going up or down the slopes. Another accessory is a waterproof gaiter to prevent mud from getting inside your shoes.

If possible for winter or the mountains we do not recommend wool or cotton clothing as they do not dry quickly and will add more weight to the body and cause you to lose body heat.

Save this information and share it with those who are about to travel to Ushuaia. Keep in mind the time of the year and the activities you are going to do so that you can enjoy this experience at the End of the World and not have to rush to buy something at the last minute.

What else would you add to your suitcase or backpack?

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