When does it snow in Ushuaia?

When does it snow in Ushuaia?


To go to the end of the world and enjoy the excellent quality of snow that identifies the place, it is necessary to ask: when does it snow in Ushuaia? From here and to know how to plan the trip we need to have the necessary information to spend a winter full of fun.

As for the snowy season, the months of July to September are always the protagonists. The excursions that take place in the winter centers offer excellent snow quality and usually have machinery prepared to offer the best snow for the different winter activities: skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, sledding, etc.

It should be taken into account that the winter centers begin to offer their activities in June/July depending on the weather conditions and for that reason it is necessary to look for information in advance. But, and anyway, there will always be options for all tastes and ages.

snow-capped mountain peaks

What activities can be done as a family in Ushuaia?


Family activities during the snow season are diverse. The winter resorts offer sledding pulled by beautiful Husky dogs, an incredible experience for adults and especially for children. You can access elevations that allow you to see the landscape from a different perspective. There are snowshoes for simple hikes, snowmobiles where children can have fun with their parents and for the more daring, skiing is the sport par excellence in this beautiful place.

There are many excursions with guides and instructors who teach from “zero” enough to ski and have fun, without previous knowledge. The best part: it is for young and old.

snow activities in ushuaia

What do the winter centers in Ushuaia offer?


To spend a day full of emotions and snow, you have to go to a winter center, where everything you can do when it snows in Ushuaia is gathered in one place. Fun is the protagonist. The scenery itself provides an additional bonus to any activity. Normally, several hours are spent in the winter centers, since if you are prepared in terms of clothing, warm and waterproof, you can spend long hours playing in the snow. Of course, gastronomy is present, so that we don’t have to go just for a snack.

There are simple meals and others typical of the region, more complete and autochthonous.

snow-covered trees in Ushuaia

Winter centers to enjoy when it snows in Ushuaia


Cerro Castor is the southernmost winter resort in Tierra del Fuego. Due to its location on the mountainside, its slopes are usually the most demanded by tourists for skiing. It also has an ice rink for skating. The Valle Tierra Mayor center also offers snow sports and a typical Fuegian menu. It has snowmobiles that are easier for beginners to use.

A few kilometers away, we find the Nunatak refuge, a traditional and very impressive place. It has a dome that allows tourists to have a snack and rest after the activities, well heated.

The Haruwen center and the Martial glacier are also very popular with visitors, you can make beautiful walks, day or night enjoying an alternative snowy landscape.

Winter center in Ushuaia

It is important to know that the quality of the snow at the end of the world is formed in soft flakes that fall forming an accumulation of snow on the mountain of great quality. This is due to its geographical location. Due to the great infrastructure, the special snow and the options offered by Ushuaia, its snow season is the longest and the best in our country.

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