Winter Excursions at the end of the world

Winter Excursions at the end of the world

When planning a trip to Ushuaia in winter, snow, snow and more snow immediately come to mind. We think of white trees, warm clothes and eating delicious food to protect us from the cold. All this and more can be enjoyed in the long-awaited winter in Tierra del Fuego, which has a huge variety of activities to offer with easy access through well-organized tours.

There are excursions to walk and see the beautiful landscapes, others to enjoy, for example, the best seafood or some more daring ones that require a greater physical effort to go into the most fun adventures.

When planning the trip, it is advisable to look for centrally located accommodations in order to be able to access the starting points of the excursions in a comfortable and easy way and to have adequate clothing. We can find a variety in the city, whether it is waterproof warm clothing or footwear to enjoy the walks without getting wet or feeling uncomfortable. It is also important to book the tours in advance in order to be organized and to have a guaranteed place on the desired date.

What to do in the Fuegian winter?

1- White Adventure

The Fuegian winter resorts are undoubtedly a winter must-see. They can be visited with the whole family offering thousands of activities such as snowshoeing, skiing, snowmobiling, or adventure on sleds pulled by beautiful Siberian dogs. Among the options are Cerro Castor, widely developed for tourism, Valle Tierra Mayor and Nunatak where the gastronomy is usually typical and excellent with several cafeteria and lunch options. Some winter centers offer lodging to facilitate the access of tourists.

The scenery is beautiful and in itself, a must-see beyond the activities it offers.

2- Winter trekking to the Esmeralda Lagoon

The Esmeralda Lagoon is a very popular tour in Ushuaia, it has beautiful waters of a very particular greenish color as a result of the sediment that comes from the Ojo del Albino Glacier. To access the lagoon the path can be a little difficult, so it is necessary to wear suitable clothing for trekking and to do it with a guide. The trail is beautiful, full of vegetation and trees that in winter are dressed in white in a walk of approximately 5 hours. When we reach the lagoon, you can see how the imposing and snow-capped mountains enclose the beautiful Laguna Esmeralda, giving an incredible plus to the hike.

3- Tierra del Fuego National Park

This excursion is a must for all seasons, but in winter it has an added bonus since the snowy park is a beautiful landscape that opens with the passing of the train at the end of the world. You can tour the park, which has a very varied nature and then take the legendary train to make the last stretch of the park. The train is pure history, at the time it used to transport prisoners in the Ushuaia prison. Then, over the years, it became a beautiful tourist experience.

4- Navigation through the Beagle Channel

The excursion is a classic in Ushuaia, an experience not to be missed when planning a trip to the end of the world. It is a few hours ride that combines a unique landscape with the charm of a boat trip. Taking the maritime excursion it is possible to see the Lighthouse of the End of the World or Les Eclaireurs, inaugurated in 1920, to pass by the Island of the Birds and the Island of the Wolves.

5- Hidden Lake

The Fuegian lakes and the snow activities in the winter resorts are an unmissable combination.

The excursions reach the Garibaldi pass from where there are panoramic views of the Escondido Lake, located in the mountain range area. You can reach the shore of this lake of glacial origin and enjoy the colors of its waters. The tours can be combined with a typical fuegian meal in the winter centers and arrive in 4×4 enjoying a real adventure.


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